Valentine’s Day: We are ready!

San Valentino ORAGE special edition Valentine's day

Valentine’s Day is finally approaching! Those who make jewelry like me, thanks to all this love in the air, are even happier and inspired to create.

This year more than ever, I feel I have the opportunity to be helpful to men, so that they could gift something unique and valuable, and to women, who will get the very special gifts they deserve.

I will not bore you with the sacred and profane history of the lovers’ Saint, I wish instead to share some useful hints for this occasion.

First of all, each country has its own customs and we live (thanks God!) in one of those lucky places where the tradition to present jewelry is still indisputable, as well as in the United Kingdom, France, Holland etc.

It is, of course, absolutely poetic to receive and give chocolates, flowers and cards on Valentine’s Day, but absolutely it does not compare to the joy of choosing between rings and earrings!

Indeed, for those who have to make a gift the choice is never easy, but just a few suggestions will be enough to make things right.

My personal philosophy is that I discourage the purchase of engagement rings and solitaires, except in the case of strong preferences or of anniversaries in the date of February 14. It is easier and funnier to focus on playful bouquets of colored stones for the rings and on light and asymmetrical cuts for the earrings.

The choice of materials is serious, plain gold or silver to prevent allergies and then, of course, the nuances.

Everyone knows that in the tradition this is the month that announces spring arrival, so bet on transparency or on the shades of sky and flowers.

The complexion of the recipient of the gift is very important too.

Fair skin will acquire magic with jades, olive skins will shine with rutile, dark skins will be enhanced by aquamarines.

Some proposals from the new collection Primtemps are following this post. More pictures will be shortly published on Instagram and Facebook and of course I am waiting for you in the store to suggest you the perfect jewel!

Yours Fiorenza

san valentino acquamarina, rutili, argento, oro rosso
san valentino rutilo oro argento e giada
san valentino rutilo ramato,granato mandarin, argento, e oro rosato
san valentino acquamarina, rutili, argento, oro rosso