The Symbolism exhibition. When art inspires

Symblism : fiore all'occhiello gioielli e il simbolismo

I love my city and she returns me giving inspiration and love for art. Back from the cheerful confusion of the 2015 Universal Exhibition, we are now surrounded by the new magic of the XXI International Exhibition of Milan Triennale, which I wish to talk about soon.

In the meanwhile, I enjoyed the current exhibitions of the Mudec museum and the Royal Palace. In the latter location I appreciated the exhibition dedicated to Symbolism, curated by Fernando Mazzocca and Claudia Zevi in collaboration with Michel Draguet (Director of Belgium Royal Museums of Fine Arts).
The artists of Symbolism interpreted art as a moment of connection and fusion between spiritual and sensorial elements. A tendency to spirituality and idealism, tinged by a decadent taste, also found in literature, developed between the late Nineteenth century and the first decades of the Twentieth century.

All these elements are very effective in the displayed works of artists like Moreau and Redon, as well as in Sartorio, Chini, Zecchin, Bonazza, Previati and partly in Segantini, just to name a few included in the Royal Palace exhibition.

I prefer brighter artistic currents, not as dark and extremely introspective as Symbolism. However, I enjoyed the selection of the artists, as I found affinities with some projects I am working on. Of course I do not use oil and brush, but what you can do with gold, silver and gems is very similar!

Creating a jewel is like giving three-dimensionality to a painting.

So I decided to publish a preview of some of my new creations with my sources of inspiration next to each other.


Zecchin Simbolismoorecchini argento dorato e giade Simbolismo

Bracciale argento brunito e oro rosso SimbolismoL' offerta _ Il miracolo delle rose di Wilhelm List _ Collection du Museé des Beaux‐Arts © Musée des Beaux‐Arts Quimper Simbolismo

Galileo Chini La Primavera SimbolismoOrecchini argento giade e goccia di labradorite SimbolismoOrecchini argento dorato rosso e goccia rutilo tormalinato nero Simbolismo

Orecchini argento dorato rosso giada e navette acquamarina milkJoan Brull. Il sogno, Simbolismo

František Kupka Onda 1902 Ostrava_ The Gallery of Fine ArtsOrecchini argento dorato rosso giada e rutilo rame

Sometimes the delicate shade of an iris suggested me to use of a milk aquamarine, and at other times the chromatic effects of painted dresses showed me how to arrange a sequence of colorful jades.

Let us play to find the key element able to shoot the arrow of inspiration.

If you come to the store I will reveal you everything! Promised.

Yours Fiorenza


I invite everyone to have a look to the on-line exhibition catalogue: Symbolism. Art in Europe from the Belle Époque to the Great War