Rutile quartz: shiny, beautiful and strong (Part III)

quarzo rutilato_tormalinato nero

Emotions and intuitions

I have always had a special intuition, a gift that allowed me to see in advance the potential of every single precious object, of every stone, not only for the most appropriate cut or for the combination of materials such as gold and silver. Every time I choose a stone I already perceive how it will enrich a neck, a wrist or a female hand.

Each gemstone has its own life, I simply match it with some precious and creative solutions.
The changing nature of each piece of jewelry means that I never replicate it.
Honestly, I try to keep the initial matrix, but it is like a fragrance and chords are never the same.

Rutile quartz: the unexpected charm of discretion

With this premise I would like to introduce briefly the choice of November’s stone, the rutile quartz. We have already seen where it comes from, what its properties are and also some oddities related to mystical and mythological beliefs.
In particular I love this stone in all its variations and I identify in its being very discreet, but not boring, because of the unexpected magical designs of its inner filaments. Rutile is never the same. Threads that unfold in the stone structure are like paths stopped by time, like threads of memories. Memories of a radiant summer in the rutile golden variation, memories of a warm fall in its reddish brown filaments.
I always explain that its main strength lies in the comfort of wearing this stone, since it adapts to all complexions. It is not a ‘noisy’ gem but it has a strong personality.
It can be worn with any outfit, be it classic or casual it stays with you all day long, from morning to late afternoon. It is not tied to a particular age and this is indeed another aspect that simplifies its fit. It goes without saying that this gemstone is the perfect gift, since its flexibility in being preciously discreet.
The charm of discretion!