Labradorite: the stone of transformation (part III)

anelli conchiglia labradorite grigio verde blu con corallo e oro e con pepite argento

Popular wisdom in Italy says rightly that March is ‘mad’. To deal with it, all positive suggestions to improve health and to bear this crazy weather are welcome.

Here, however, I prefer to focus on more fashionable and precious hints! My purpose is to give you a break from this world that is craziest than the current month.

Let us continue with March’s theme: labradorite.

If this stone identifies the change, a jewel that embeds it will ferry us to the sunny season.
Gradually the wardrobe changes and the layers of fabrics become lighter.
Women start to expose arms and if you are feeling a little ‘easy’ wear ‘labradorite strands’ on a bracelet like this!

labradorite bracciale Fiore all'occhiello gioielli
bracciale labradorite diamantata multifili chiusura argento satinato rosso

If the impulse to start thinking about trips to the beach becomes irresistible, literally keep on hand these shell rings!

Beautiful cowries, personally handcrafted by my husband, enriched with silver and gold dust which, like the sea foam, embraces an important cabochon of gray-green labradorite.



anelli conchiglia con labradorite

Our stone is extremely versatile and dynamic as much as our everyday life. The most beloved among my clients is the white type, modern and elegant, which I suggest you to wear with earrings. I think it has the power to gift to every face a distinctive charm, recalling the concept of the return of light in spring!


orecchini labradorite bianca e rubino Fiore all'occhiello gioielli

So begin to play with combinations and enhance yourself in every occasion. Immerse yourself in your wardrobe, as in everyday life. Put away winter weight and bloom lightly with the spring warmth.

Make yourself beautiful and precious with unique and unrepeatable jewels,  like you!

You know I am extremely proud of my philosophy of not replicating anything in my creations. I do not want endless series of identical jewels.

A jewel must not simply adorn but should stand out and talk for us.

Thanks for your suggestions and be always gorgeous. Beauty will save the world!

Yours Fiorenza