Clair de lune (or moonstone): inner journey and femininity (Part III)

clair de lune or moonstone white

We have finally reached the third post dedicated to the stone of the month of January: clair de lune or moonstone.

It is always nice to talk to you about the stones I work with, to explain some technical tips and to give some cues between history and myth. As usual, I reserve this last section to tell you something more personal, related to my tastes, and to suggest ideas and hints.

The moonstone is not an easy stone for modern jewelers, however it was quite popular at the time of Art Nouveau and it was used by celebrated goldsmiths such as Lalique and the designer Georg Jensen.

Lalique "Dragonfly Woman" Gold Brooch with Diamond, Moonstone and Chrysoprase
Lalique “Dragonfly Woman” Gold Brooch with Diamond, Moonstone and Chrysoprase









It suited magnificently to their creations inspired by nature. Jewelry with soft, mystical, romantic shapes, which also influenced my work.

I consider this stone a perfect talisman to enhance the personality of the woman who is wearing it. I use it mainly to make the rings, in order to enhance the volumes and preserve their magical light.

Women who have chosen my creations with clair de lune are often very empathetic, sensitive, intuitive and romantic, always in search of the perfect detail able to complete their femininity.

Wearing a clair de lune means to recover the charm of timeless and divine beauties, like the Pre-Raphaelite heroines or the Belle Epoque muses.
Browsing through magazines and websites, or looking around in Pinterest, you can notice how often many artists, singers, actresses (and beyond) as Adele, Jennifer Hudson, Kirsten Stewart, the award-winning actress Meryl Streep, wear moonstones during important events.
The common factor? They are all seductive and strong women.