Clair de lune (or moonstone): inner journey and femininity (Part II)

clair de lune or moonstone brown

Myth and Magic

In many Asian and European cultures the clair de lune, the moonstone, has always been associated to the lunar phases and to its mysterious connection with woman’s femininity.

Some traditions link the moon phases to the idea of a journey, not only physical but also astral. Therefore in cultures as the Indian this gem is gifted to travelers for protection.

In Europe, during Middle Ages, it was considered as an amulet to cure insomnia, to relieve headaches and back pain.

All these benefits came from the gem’s glow that was believed to enlighten nocturnal torments, as well as to attract the moon energy to lighten the heaviness of head and spine.

More frequent are the references to fertility. In Arabic tradition women sewed these gems in their undergarments to relieve cycle pains and to encourage conception.

In some New Age rituals it is suggested to wear it to inspire a proper nutrition, contrasting the moody states of mind which cause emotional eating.

According to crystal healing, wearing this stone helps to achieve balance with our sensitive and feminine art. In this way the gem would help emotional binds and also stimulate intuition and inspiration in work projects. A dear friend of mine and crystal healing expert, Graziella Pandiani, suggests to future fathers to give to their partners a silver ring with a moonstone to be worn on the left ring finger. It is an ancient tradition to wish well for pregnancy and childbirth.

Specific magical functions are assigned to each color of clair de lune. For instance:

White: Color of purity and feminine force, enlightens physical creation and metaphysics. It is also used to mitigate male emotions.

Blue: Rare color, enhances the faculty of divination.

Gray: Identified with the new moon phase, it stimulates the strength of mind in elaborating projects.

Peach: Ideal to temper emotional imbalances, which cause eating disorders and anxiety.

With such an evocative name, the moonstone could only give rise to myths and beliefs. I like to imagine that in all gems there is a little magic and that is what leads us to choose the right stone to enhance our own beauty.

After all, wearing a jewel is always incredibly good for us. Who can say otherwise?