Fiore all’occhiello boutique: where dreams come true

Fiore Boutique

We are just at the beginning of a new year, with brand new dreams, projects and desires I wish you will achieve. I expressed and realized my special one some years ago.

In 2000 I was a woman ready to make a big life change. Despite I loved my work and my career, I decided to undress the role of architect and interior designer to deepen the study and devote myself completely to my love for jewelry. A passion handed down from my mother and grandmother, both women of great taste.
The suitable ‘container’ to house my new world had of course to be like me: friendly, cozy and discreet. The city district as well had to be akin to my spirit, that is why I made my search inside the heart of the Milan, in Borgo Magenta, the place par excellence in the city: intelligent, noble, refined and full of hidden treasures, home to ancient and exclusive workshops (art galleries, antique shops, ateliers).
Once chosen the space in via San Giovanni sul Muro, its design and renovation was pure magic, thanks to the cooperation of skilled craftsmen and professionals, who had already helped me in my former life as an architect.

The boutique has been my first jewel!

The atmosphere is intimate and warm, like the scent of the cedar notes of Esteban Parfums. The space, sophisticated and cozy, is illuminated by a massive showcase, enhanced by an original mahogany board from the end ‘800.
The front door, worthy of Fort Knox, is surrounded by moldings designed for the frame and reproduced both on the showcase and on the big mirror placed near the entrance.
Inside I have designed four glass showcases with direct lighting on three steps. This allows me to design small sets, playing only with the combination of lines and material and with the color of the stones used for the collections.
The characterizing elements of the atelier are the showcases frames and the floor.

Magic floor

Both are made of anthracite-colored resin enhanced with generous copper powder drippings and a golden touch, the typical nuances of my creations.
I would like to highlight that sixteen years ago the choice of this precious resin was so original and forward-looking to attract the curious pilgrimage of former and new colleagues who appreciated its innovative design.
Other details, immediately noticed by customers, are the big door knob and the other smaller ones placed on glass showcases, which faithfully reproduce the ring created for the shop opening on 19 March 2001.

dettaglio pomo porta boutique

Still on the subject of unique and precious details, I put two large chandeliers made of silver leaf from Catellani & Smith and an original pickled metal desk, which enhance the design atmosphere, keeping the store concept fresh and modern.

lampadario Catellani & Smith

I cannot deny that, despite the laborious design and construction stage of the store, the major effort was required by the choice of its name: Fiore all’occhiello gioielli.

As you may guess in the end I put in it a little bit of me as everybody calls me “Fiore” and a little bit of my husband because of his gentlemen habit of wearing a flower on his jacket buttonhole!

It was a pleasure for me to describe all this to you because this is the place where my jewelry is dreamed and crafted for you.

Then, there are also other curiosities that I will tell and show you if you come to visit me. Did I intrigue you? Among drawings, precious stones and gold threads, here I constantly create new things!!

Yours Fiorenza