Sapphires: proper care of gemstones

the care: suggerimenti per la cura dei preziosi

The proper care and the beauty of your gems is an important matter to me.

For a long time I wanted to carve out a space, short but exhaustive, about the precautions to follow to keep in good health our gemstone jewelry.

Of course each type would deserve a specific topic, but in general the best way to handle gemstones like sapphire is:

– Use only lukewarm water, soap and a soft brush, avoid soaking. Forget the use of strong cleaners and never (!!!) clean your jewelry with solvents such as alcohol, acetone or diluents.

– Put jewels in their original boxes, in separate envelopes or in little bags.

– Make sure that their frames are not loose and that the stones are firmly anchored to them.

– Avoid to wear jewelry while showering or swimming. Use the same attention when doing gardening or sports. If we talk about sapphires, we know that they have a high hardness, but that does not mean they do not get damaged!

– As I said above, do not expose them to scratches or temperature changes.

– Always rely on a professional to evaluate, repair, polish or treat your jewelry.

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Yours Fiorenza.