Labradorite: the stone of transformation (part II)

labradorite white parte II

A recent history

Labradorite is named after the place where it was officially discovered, nearby Nain, in Labrador. The legend tells that a missionary, named Adolf, discovered the first field in 1770. In fact, since ancient times, Native Americans from Maine knew and used this crystal for ornamental and healing purposes.

Later, in 1781, a field was discovered in modern Ukraine and another one in Finland in 1820. This new availability, together with the beautiful iridescence and the structure of the gem, made its fortune throughout the Nineteenth century.

A never-ending transformation

Labradorite is a stone of immense mystical value, a crystal associated with shamans, diviners and healers. Native Americans and Inuit consider it the most powerful protection in the mineral kingdom, able to strengthen natural energies. It shields against negativity and misadventures, encourages the strength of will and the feeling of inner worth of one’s own abilities, reduces insecurity and drives to transformation as from chrysalis to butterfly.

As suggested by our expert consultant in crystal healing, Graziella Pandiani, it is particularly suitable to increase creativity, inspiring fresh ideas and solutions to problems.

Labradorite guides us to what is new, helps to shift the perception and to change the direction we are heading for. It helps in changes, directing people who wear it towards positive goals.’

A gem as a spiritual medicine

For alternative medicine, labradorite finds many applications in everyday life as a remedy stimulating the individual to reduce negativity. Wearing it at work encourages perseverance, courtesy and attention. It is also suitable for those trying to lose weight, as it balances and regulates the metabolism.

How to wear it

A curiosity: To get more benefits you should wear jewelry with labradorite in the highest part of the body.

In some Eastern philosophies wearing earrings with labradorite helps to stimulate the entry point of cosmic energy, namely those vital forces that fuel the energy system. In this way it helps also to reduce anxiety and panic attacks.

Wearing rings with our gemstone helps to develop hands sensitivity, a very useful aspect for physical therapists and for all those who use their hands for creative activities.

In this article I just wanted to play, sharing some popular beliefs and alternative uses of our March stone. If you want to have fun and continue to discover new jewels to wear, follow my next article that will focus on fashion and more.

Yours Fiorenza.