A Jewelry Designer at La Triennale

As you know I was born as an architect and grew up as a designer. Life, work and passions are for me a unique composition made of a thousand threads. Strong, different and extraordinary.
I am lucky to live in a beautiful and lively city and even without straying too far from my boutique I can attend extraordinary events.

triennale design

Last month the XXI Triennale began and I am literally lost in its wonderful ‘bouquet’ of design-dedicated events! Bouquet, believe me, is a very appropriate term to name this artistic bloom of places, often hidden, of our generous city.

A short introduction

This long-awaited (after 20 years) edition is devoted to ‘21st Century. Design After Design’ and focuses on topics that are very important to me, such as the issue of gender in design.In this regards, I would like to report a part of the presentation of one of the event’s curators, Silvana Annichiarico:

The whole Twentieth century modernity perpetrated a great removal of female design skills, virtually ignored by design historians and theorists. The Twenty-first century is increasingly characterized by a renewed strength of such projects (….)The Triennale Design Museum celebrates women as the new creative force behind a form of design that is less high-handed, less authoritarian, more spontaneous and more dynamic. Ultimately it wonders if this new affirmation of women will prove to be one of the top aspects of “design after design”.


All this is also closely related to another theme of La Triennale: The relationship between design and craftsmanship. A post-Twentieth century design which is unquestionably born from the genius of craftsmen spread in many sectors, as in that of jewels.

I believe that design is not only instrumental to our needs (as at the beginning of last century) or an end in itself (as in late Twentieth century). Craftsmen like me, studying and manipulating raw and beautiful natural materials, designing elements which match with their users, giving a sense of completeness to those who choose to wear them.

Finally, I would like to summarize the concept of modern and feminine design with this jewel of mine: Is it maybe too pretentious?

Triennale design

Well, who does not dare…

 Yours Fiorenza