The luxury Easy Chic


I have had the privilege of being born in Milan, the city of fashion. Breathing in its style … it is impossible for me to not convey all of this extraordinary creative freedom in my jewelry.
I could call it a fatal attraction towards fashion input, coupled with an innate awareness of colour.
Starting out in the shop window of my city, these precious accessories have been around the world and continue to be rediscovered in places recognised for their style:
from Forte dei Marmi, Rome and Cortina in New York, from Southampton to Florida from Chicago to Las Vegas.
Many global icons from the celebrity world such as Jennifer Lopez, Celine Dion, Madonna and Brooke Shields have worn these jewels, flaunting them on the front pages of International tabloids; first in Vogue, with the same elegance and ease with which you wear a haute couture dress.

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