Creativity through precious natural materials


Inspiration and research is my trademark, predominantly incorporating gold and silver combined with unusual materials.
These shells become the foundation for show – stopping rings, embedded with pearls or gemstones in impressive shades.
Using various precious and semi-precious stones, the pure aesthetic pleasure that arises from a combination of colours transforms itself into unique sensations which involve all of the senses.
Magnificent hues of labradorites and tourmaline, rutilated quartz, with incredible gold insertions, silky light and iridescent moonstones, made up of tanzanite, apatite, rubellite and rhodochrosite. Tahitian and Australian Scaramazza pearls or fresh water … unique materials and unusual in  their combination with multi-coloured flat cut sapphires or rose cut diamonds in the most sophisticated shades, which change colour from yellow to brown, from red to grey, even to black: dressing stones.
On the path to search for new materials, I was particularly fascinated by the infinite possibilities of colour, which allows us to create doublets: already used in antique jewellery, especially Victorian. Their peculiarity enables us to combine mother of pearl “slices” and our favourite quartz stones, which produce such amazing reflections and unusual shimmering shades.